Elite Membership

The Elite are the solid gold, beating heart of the fuk community. In exchange for a modest annual subscription, you can join them and benefit from a load of privileges which currently include:

- Classifieds. Being able to list stuff for sale in the classifieds section of our forum.
- Access to the GJ only section of the site, where all sorts of knowledge is dropped on bargains, sales and discount codes.
- Blags. Exclusive competitions and treats, whenever we have them available.

You also get a little GJ tag, , alongside your avatar to show the world you're special.

The 'Jimmy' reference is to Jimmy Hill. (Explanation here).

NB. Rules are the same for the elite as for regular users - check in the help section here. You can still be banned and your subscription payment will not be refunded.

Join here

Elite membership costs £15.00 and is on an annual recurring basis. We use PayPal to process payments, but you don't need a PayPal account to subscribe.

If you already have a fuk.co.uk account, please log in using the form on the right hand side of the page. Otherwise you register for one right now, then follow the instructions on the registration pages to upgrade.