Random Fashion Questions: APC Jeans

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5 Aug 2022 10:40
Been a while since I bought these I forget how stiff they are from day 1. Any harm in just doing a cold soak from the off? Or just bear with it?
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posted 5 Aug 2022 11:03, edited 5 Aug 2022 11:03
Honestly I think the whole wear them for two years without washing myth has been debunked.
Just soak them if you feel like they're uncomfortable and do a handwash whenever you feel like they stink. They will lose some color in both cases but you won't ruin them in any way.
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5 Aug 2022 13:37
It depends on whether you want fadezzzz or would rather they wear evenly, if you soak them early they wont ever develop decent fades and honeycombs etc.

Been awhile since i've seen APC's even talked about on here, bought back some memories of nudies and evisu jeans back in the 2000s when APC started to gain traction.
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5 Aug 2022 14:22
The less you wash them the more high contrast the fades are. Soaking also reduces the chances of a blow-out in the crotch.

APC stretch a lot in the waist so by soaking them and washing them cold say, once a month-ish you'll keep the waist relatively un-stretched too.

The really denim killer is how you dry them, on the washing line in the sun is ideal - tumble dryers add nasty weird fade lines if theres a crease in the fabric.

Sold my 3+ year worn in APC's Petit Standards for $300 recently. Insane.
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5 Aug 2022 14:23
yeah been a while since i had a pair, decent cut though glad i bought them… Ill maybe wear em for a week and bleed fucking denim onto my car seat, office chair, sofa and see if I feel they need a soak
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5 Aug 2022 14:58
I bought a new pair fairly recently and haven’t actually noticed any bleed. It’s such a pain wearing in a new pair
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posted 8 Aug 2022 14:52, edited 8 Aug 2022 14:52
Yeah I have light leather in the car and have never noticed any bleed off APC's.

Merci - $300 for a used pair is insane!