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15 Jun 2020 13:51
PM's still fucked when sending Roll Eyes Server error.
Something went wrong, but don't worry, we're doing our best to fix it.
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15 Jun 2020 16:01
clearly 'our best' is actually 'fuck all' … where the fuck is Super Dickhe…sorry Ted these days
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15 Jun 2020 18:00
Dunno. Anyone else had a message from Brad/PayPal saying subscription payments are suspended?
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15 Jun 2020 22:51
No, mine went through around mid\end of April
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16 Jun 2020 08:50
It should be suspended seeing as Brad no longer owns the forum… if you haven't done so you can remove the pre-payment authorisation for Fuk in your PayPal account settings.
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16 Jun 2020 10:12
^^^sorted, nice one, Rira.

Assuming Mod's (and their ability to actually moderate a forum that's in complete disarray) are still being ignored by the owner I can see no other option. Shame.
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16 Jun 2020 10:31
I let it as it was assuming it was just going to the same address, now owned and managed by Superted

Contatct info links me to a Swedish company Puzzled
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16 Jun 2020 10:54
Cheers Rira, mine renewed at the back end of April but have cancelled the payment going forward
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16 Dec 2020 13:26
Says server error when sending PMs, if you refresh it sends it twice
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29 Jan 2021 08:44
So does this owner guy actually do anything regarding the board now?

Can you guys make it so there's a button which actually takes you to the last post of those massive threads.

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29 Jan 2021 09:26
YouTube videos no longer embedding should be fixed
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31 Jan 2021 09:35
Defo, can the mods bat this one?
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31 Jan 2021 09:39
The mods can do fuck all. PM Superted and wait a few weeks for a reply.