General Discussion: The Fuk Restaurant Thread!

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22 Apr 2009 00:13
Had a great/good/indifferent/downright awful meal at a restaurant, then please add it in here and describe what you had, value for money, ambience and quality of the grub etc. (if you can get a pic of the place or nick the menu to show on here than all the bettter)
doesnt matter where it is, if you liked it or hated it, then tell us all.
please no b.k, maccydees, k.f.c or nandos…..cos contrary to popular opinion on here, these are not fine dining nor proper restaraunts.

to start the thread off, here is the 2009 top 50 places to eat in the world this year, anonced this week.
suprisingly 'the fat duck' retains its second place even after making hundreds of people viloently ill and having to shut for nearly a month.
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22 Apr 2009 00:36
I ate at Kitchin in Edinburgh a week or so ago. First time for dinner time and it was lovely. Very relaxed. With a window onto the kitchen, so you can see whats going on.
Much more comftable than comparable Edinburgh resturants, such as Martin Wisharts. Less formal and fussy. But still good food.
Went for the tasting menu….about 10 courses i think..
fave was marrowbone and snails (nicer than it sounds)
Wasn't really drinking and the waiter was over enthusiastic with the wine. Had to be asked not to refill glasses at one point.
really important point for me is that the tables werent too close together.
only had table for two hours as we booked late, but spent ages after on the comfy sofas just chatting.
Got given a copy of tasting menu too 8/10

and i feel that i SHOULD like this place but i dont
The Dogs

supposed to be simple, cheap..non pretentious home cooking..alsmost gastropub, but not in a pub..
mismatching furnature and cutlery..was ok..not as interesting as it thinks it is

I also want to give a shout for Pret soups. Love em. Healthy, light but still tasty. Its not a resturant I know..but would rather have a pret soupfor lunch that go to the dogs.
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22 Apr 2009 00:39

if people do shizzle like this above when they have eaten out, this thread will be blinding and invaluable.
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22 Apr 2009 01:32
just because its one i hadnt been to before, went to AUTOMAT on dover street on saturday night. id say it was an upmarket american brasserie. nice atmosphere inside, quite classic wooden decor. just simple food done well really, i had the chicken noodle soup to start which was lovely and then the automat burger for mains (as did most people), one of the nicest burgers ive had. really tender and chips were great (which are a letdown at most places), one person had the macaroni cheese which was really good apparently. definitely going to go back, not as try hard as most decent west end restaurants and about 25-30 for a 3 course meal which isnt bad. would really recommend it. parking easy too, in the evening at least, because its all yellow lines. made a change cos parkings usually a massive hassle in town.

bit of a negative was they bought 2 wrong salads for starters, people had asked for no dressing + anchovies and it arrived with. waitress was a bit stroppy when taking them away which was annoying.
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22 Apr 2009 02:16
^does an amazing steak tartare, try it if u go again really nice chicken burger is great there 2 if u dont feel like beef for 2 courses
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22 Apr 2009 03:00
was going to get the steak tartare, didnt go for it for that reason precisely
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22 Apr 2009 07:26
Anthony's in leeds is really nice, pretty expensive but a really nice experience the food is excellent and service is outstanding you need to book well in advance for the weekend

he all so runs Anthony's at flannels which is supposed to be a really good defusion restaurant i've not been yet but plan on it soon

and the new one in the corn exchange, piazza is good food pretty cheep i went there on a saturday afternoon for lunch, i found the staff in there a little stuck up and the service wasn't fantastic but my sausage and mash was great Smiling and the setting is brilliant, there is also a nice bar and cafe, and little deli style shops surrounding the restaurant there's a bakery, cheese room, a cooked meat place and a fantastic little patisserie every time i go into leeds i go buy some cakes from there Oops [no homo] i think there's a wine place as well if your into nice grub it's definitely worth a look (i think they managed to get rid of the goths as well Cool
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22 Apr 2009 07:47
Couple of favourites in Leeds:

Salsa Mexicana/Gringos in Chapel Allerton, reasonably priced Mexican food, tastes good. Small place which has a really great atmosphere.

La Besi in Hyde Park. Cheapish Italian food cooked and run by Italians. Best pizza's in Leeds bar none. Good atmosphere. Great for chilling out with mates.

Sukothai (Thai food) and Dos Amigos (Tapas) are pretty good too.
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22 Apr 2009 08:12
i've been to the Sukothai in headingly before the food was really nice i'd go again!

i really like little tokyo in leeds aswell me and the mrs go in there allot for lunch when where shopping

i also go to reliance a fare bit its a pub in leeds that also dose food they do a really nice steak sandwich and my current fave sausage and mash is bang on!
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22 Apr 2009 09:24
Went to Benares in Mayfair a couple of weeks ago, absolutely amazing food and the service was superb, attentive but not intrusive. Best restaurant experience I've ever had.

Namh, supposedly the only Michelin starred Thai restaurant, in the Belkin Hotel is also worth visiting. Intense flavours and taste combinations that are like but unlike usual Thai restaurants. Difficult to explain but an amazing experience. Over fussy waiters though.

Tamarind - another posh Indian in Mayfair but went on the Toptable sunday lunch 2-4-1 offer which is still running (Taster Menu 2-4-1). Again an experience that is highly recommended.

Planet Spice - modern Indian in Croydon. If this place was more central it would cost £££. Absolutely superb and pretty reasonable (c£35 a head) for the quality of the food and the service.

Shilpa - King Street, Hammersmith. Really nice South Indian restaurant. Well worth a look if you're sick and tired of the usual jalfrezi/korma/rogan josh fare served up in curry houses. Offers often on Toptable, woth a punt for £20 per head.

Anatolia Ocakbasi - Mare Street, Hackney. Great value Turkish restaurant on corner of road of Carhartt Warehouse store (that now seems to be selling Fred Perry, Edwin, Tonite and Folk amongst others)

Mahdi - King Street, Hammersmith. Reasonably priced Persian restaurant. Lots of grilled, flavoursome meat and the nan bread is amazing, huge, thin and crispy. About £12 a head.

Thai Square - a chain but the food is good. Have eaten in the Sevenoaks and Windsor branches and never been disappointed. I was always put off but it being a chain, thinking it was going to be a bit mediocre but have not been disappointed.

If any Fuker is ever in Sydney, Lees Fortuna Court in Crows Nest is the daddy of restaurants. Great food and service.
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22 Apr 2009 09:36
genco, curtain road, shoreditch:

I properly love mediteranian food and genco did it pretty well, i have had much, much worse. The fish kofte were delicious, soft and adequately seasoned, the minced fish and herb mixture was absolutely sublime and the accompanying sauce was sweet and had a sticky consistency slightly reminiscent of tar, which i felt was a good thing the only downside to this was its size not quite enough for a main course if you're not having a starter as well.

The bird had some chicken and sauce dish which she said was really good too. Price wise its a fairly cheap place to eat, negs i would say is he decor/ambiance which is slightly generic.

overall not the best med restaurant i've been in (which is a place called the olive branch in aberystwyth if you ever get the chance to go there) but one of the good ones.

*** 3/5
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22 Apr 2009 09:43
russ74 wrote: i really like little tokyo in leeds aswell me and the mrs go in there allot for lunch when where shopping

Yeah little Tokyo is good, especially the crazy water feature!
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22 Apr 2009 09:51
yeah the ground floor decor is abit odd but its nice downstairs
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27 Apr 2009 12:37
went to 'paolos' on hanger lane (right near park royal station), cheap as and the food was very good, i had minestrone soup which was top and baby chicken with salad and veggies wish was bang on, and my hoe had the same main, but avocado prawns to start, came to 50 quid with a couple of beers and a couple of cokes….can recommend it highly, especially for lunch with a crumpet.
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27 Apr 2009 12:48
Went to 'Strada' recently, in Brighton Marina, and it was really, really good.

We shared a basket of bread/oil/olives to start, then both had Lobster & Tiger Prawn Risotto, then I had Chocolate Cake, and she had Lemon Sorbet, came to £70 inc tip and a bottle of wine.

Very, very good.
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27 Apr 2009 12:52
Brindisa (borough market) - You can't book so either expect a long wait or turn up at a silly time, food is worth it, absolutely brilliant tapas, everything we had was delicious. Not exactly cheap though.

Skylon (royal festival hall) - Ate in the grill for the second time the other day, lovely food, v. good service, if you turn up late enough (10ish?) you can get a table without booking. Can be a bit rowdy as the bar fills up on fridays/weekends but gives a good atmosphere. My dad ate in the restaurant a while ago and said it was v. nice.
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27 Apr 2009 12:54
Got two can dine for 5.99 in 'Subway' in Holborn. I had a Subway Melt and she had a Chicken Teriyaki, we both had fanta but I opted for crisps and she went for a cookie.

Think it's a chain, not sure.
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27 Apr 2009 12:57
I know it's a chain, but it was still very good.
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27 Apr 2009 13:00
I went to Brighton on Saturday for only the second time in my life and saw that Jamie Oliver had just opened an Italian there, anyone been? Any good?
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27 Apr 2009 13:02
I'm going next week, not expecting much TBH.