General Discussion: The Fuk Restaurant Thread!

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15 Oct 2021 07:55
Thanks guys will check them out
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25 Oct 2021 15:35
Anyone recommend anywhere for Sunday dinner in London? Preferably around Soho area.

Got a couple of days there in December, tried booking Blaclocks but already full
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25 Oct 2021 15:38
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25 Oct 2021 15:38
Andrew Edmunds
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25 Oct 2021 15:59
NigelBenn wrote: Hawksmoor?

Been a few times for a roast, always decent.
Boxcar is another good one.
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25 Oct 2021 19:51
Thanks, will check those out see if any availability!
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25 Oct 2021 20:24
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posted 25 Oct 2021 20:36, edited 25 Oct 2021 20:36
Loads of good ones just off Covent Garden on Henrietta St for pre-theatre

Cora Pearl
Ave mario
bancone (few mins walk away)

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27 Oct 2021 19:36
Best value places to eat no more than 15-20 mins walk from Southbank? There's so much chain store fodder about there that's fine but I'd rather somewhere else.

I've read about Marie's Cafe, a greasy spoon that does £7 thai food in the evening and is BYOB. Doesn't quite have to be that cheap really but need to spend smart!
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posted 28 Oct 2021 08:27, edited 28 Oct 2021 08:27
Jump on the tube to borough market? If you are going on a Saturday you can also catch maltby street market too.
If you wanted a sit down restaurant in that area, you could do Padella on a budget.
Other good food on a budget is ramen, udon. You could make your way up to Koya on frith st in 20 mins from south bank. Bone daddies opposite supreme.
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6 Nov 2021 12:24
Any new cocktail places in Shoreditch, Hoxton, Columbia rd area worth looking at? Pre or post dinner.
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1 Feb 2022 16:20
recs for a decent bar/restaurant that can seat ~20ish people near waterloo/southbank?
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20 Feb 2022 18:34
Ivy Richmond - Rubbish
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20 Feb 2022 18:37
All The Ivys generally are.
People go because it’s ‘posh’
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20 Feb 2022 18:45
Yeah, it’s that vibe minus the quality. Good service but it’s a conveyor belt job. Mrs mate booked it for birthday. It reminds me of Balthazar Covent garden but not as good.
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20 Feb 2022 18:50
Enjoyed their beer though

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20 Feb 2022 20:05
Ivy Kensington is nice for breakfast
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20 Feb 2022 20:15
Fucking hate getting invited to meals at the Ivy. Pains me paying out for the food which is certainly not the quality I’d expect for the price. Agree with Stoney though, the beers alright. Do love the interior design though. The one in Brighton looks great, especially the bar. Not much in Brighton that tops it. Used to be the old Post Office where I once got to meet Patrick Moore after winning some school stamp designing competition. CSB.
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21 Feb 2022 10:15
bungleski wrote: Fucking hate getting invited to meals at the Ivy

Laughing out loud
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1 Aug 2022 12:35
Does anyone have recommendations for restaurants to check out in Pula, Croatia? I'm off there in a couple of weeks.