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12 Nov 2011 23:46
Tabloid - latest Errol Morris docu. Absolutely hilarious.
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13 Nov 2011 00:35
Rogue Trader was the McGregor film if someone didn’t find it. Anna Friel yum.
carl lewis
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13 Nov 2011 07:52
Immortals visually superb
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13 Nov 2011 10:17
from all accounts shame everything else is shit
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13 Nov 2011 11:47
anyone seen the rum diary yet, is it worth a trip to the cinema? watched the tourist last night so cheesy and predictable
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13 Nov 2011 11:59
should watch 'anthony zimmer'. it's really good! cant believe they did it like that, the tourist movie makes no sense (weird to follow/to look like johnny depp etc).

shit cause no one will probably watch that now.

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13 Nov 2011 14:18
Really liked 'Thor' Oops
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13 Nov 2011 16:17
Thor's good man, don't be embarrassed Laughing out loud
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13 Nov 2011 23:56
Panic Button - Awful from start to finish.
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13 Nov 2011 23:59
Most enjoyable superhero films

Batman Begins
Superman (original)
Incredible Hulk (Edward Norton version)

Thors not bad
Noble Locks
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14 Nov 2011 01:05
big fat gypsy buller or whatever its called.
shite from start to finish. cringengly unfunny.
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14 Nov 2011 08:33
YLAup wrote: In Time. Same director as Gattaca and Lord of War. Liked it apart from the most laughable car stunt I’ve ever seen like something from Thunderbirds with a proper toy car and plastic people driving. In fact it actually spoilt it for me. Timberlake was fair, and Seyfried was fit.

No where near as good as Gattaca, but there were a lot of cinematography similarities eg swimming in the sea, filming on rooftops etc.

Liked all of timberlakes kit Oops

Exactly what I was going to post in here about the film, the car crash was proper Laughing out loud Didn't think much of it myself, Cillian Murphy was pretty good tho. Haven't seen Gattaca so might give that a watch sometime.
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14 Nov 2011 11:49
Anyone seen the Rum Diary yet?
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14 Nov 2011 20:01
anyone seen this? got a link/copy?