Womenswear: Mulberry purse

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2 Sep 2014 19:07
Anywhere does them less than retail ? just want a ladies purse in oak
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16 Sep 2014 05:11
Any luck with this Stoney? I'm looking for somewhere online to pick up one.
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16 Sep 2014 06:36
Nope, the outlet store at Bicester gets them in, but it's a bit hit and miss as to what they get. 10% was the best I could find, but that was through my cousin who used to work in a shop that stocked em.
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16 Sep 2014 07:43
Stansted airport has a store (in the departures bit). Bought purse and bag for the Mrs from there. Think purse was around £200 mark and the bag was £750
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16 Sep 2014 08:28
stoney wrote: just want a ladies purse in oak

Laughing out loud
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16 Sep 2014 09:13
your birds got it bang on aint she Laughing out loud
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posted 16 Sep 2014 09:21, edited 16 Sep 2014 09:21
Hes teaching her good aint he. Prolly would of been well happy keeping her shrapnel in a resealable sandwich bag and a pair of sunnies from the texaco garage when he first met her. Laughing out loud
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8 Aug 2015 16:35
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