Menswear: TKMAXX thread

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16 Jul 2022 18:45
Jackets were £299, a few different types. Rather have vintage SI to be fair
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18 Jul 2022 11:30
Couple of BD Baggies shirts and Hestra/Norse gloves in Hammersmith
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18 Jul 2022 12:32
beardywierdy wrote: Stone island Jackets in Manchester
loads in glasgow £399.99 with sale tags inside for €300 from some shop in Europe. Chancers.
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18 Jul 2022 13:55
kid unknown wrote: *although the Rick Owens leathers was very unexpected as well.

About 7 or 8 years ago I found a formal Gucci shirt in tkmaxx in Leeds I believe, was up there for the weekend. Think it was about a ton, copped it, have never worn it.