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17 Nov 2011 20:47
MLI wrote: I just think the hangover from the Dior days you speak of Noble is far too strong, with it persisting in the overall influence in everyone's choices of clothes. Theres more fits than just fitted and slightly loose in reality (but you wouldn't know it if you only looked on fuk). Theres also really loose and really really loose. I'm a fan of the latter, wish more people here were, might see more stuff that gets me hard. I think bald dad is pretty original here, and his stuff looks good. not enough to get me hard like a richer, more dedicated version of myself would though.

thx bud! i will do my best to get you hard in the future > : )

i just never have time to take pics anymore since i leave the house before sunrise and come home after sunset, then my weekends are really busy usually.
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17 Nov 2011 20:48
Sayword wrote: People just need to start contributing more. whether in man skirts or lumberjack fits. It's a lengthy process that takes years to see results. Thats what WAS good about superfuture, people were from everywhere with different styles and sensibilities. The problem with trying to foster something new on fuk, is that most people are from the same area, with common influence, and conservative sensibilities. And lets not talk about money cause most of us here aint coppin unless it's a bargain, look @ the most popular topics-Deals, Discounts and good finds.

The kind of newness will be hard to foster because the topics that make people want to venture out and get into new things simply do not exist on this forum like they do on other forum. I grabbed my balls to create an inspiration thread only to be cunted by peeps telling me they "are not influenced", or "it's a dumb idea" or "it's just clothes". Save the Pic thread, there isn't much to foster new Ideas.

I'm fine with the way things are now, in the 2 years I have been active here, people dress DRAMATICALLY better now than then, and the consistency of decent to good fits posted consecutively is better than any forum I can think of. Sufu is a mountain of shit with very very few redeeming qualities, and SZ is SZ (other menswear forums aren't even on the radar)

i appreciated the inspirations thread! have been harvesting some goodies for that thread, will post when i have time
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17 Nov 2011 20:52
MLI wrote:
Sayword wrote: Are you kidding me? I might have started posting recently but I've been here since 2007, and lurking before that, I don't know what yall are saying, but if we are talking about fits, peoples fits are consecutively, and consistently better now than ever before, them old topics are still around look for yourself. before it was a sea of topman/h&m, I think I remember swear, what ever else fast fashion. then again I was on sufu mostly during those times so yea.
I dunno for something different I guess I'd like to see someone here in head to toe Whiz, Revolver, Optic WarLock (OWL) or M.W.O.B.H.M. or Do A Rat. would be surprising and a lot of those brands have strong looks associated with them thats is recognizable without seeing the brand name. some can look really good. but i dont think white people " get it".

you have any links for those brands? i've never heard of any of them and i can't find stuff just googling
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17 Nov 2011 20:56
Is Revolver the same as Revolver Stories that So-Me did some stuff for a few years back?
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17 Nov 2011 22:27
russ74 wrote: Looks good dee is that the EG down vest?

cheers & aye it's the EG
Les Unit
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17 Nov 2011 22:37
Dee looks a tad bomb disposal
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17 Nov 2011 22:42
Like it Dee - what are the trousers?
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17 Nov 2011 22:56
Ruben wrote: A bit too much grey but they're not as similar as they appear…

10 Deep
cool mate
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17 Nov 2011 23:16
unholy matrimony
aa tee
neked n famous