Womenswear: Where can I find this?

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13 Jul 2009 15:52
to be fair nick is a manly gay Laughing out loud
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13 Jul 2009 16:01
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13 Jul 2009 16:07
They are calle Hareem Pants and you only girls with killer butts can pull them off or can be most unflattering.

The men's versions……why? Think this whole trend will last 5 minutes as too difficult to wear.

Got a vague feeling we might see a kind of men's version coming through that's half-way between this and the 80s cargo pants that were fitted with elastic bottoms. That would work…?
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13 Jul 2009 16:13
Would a mens version be like a pair of Plus Fours ?

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13 Jul 2009 16:23
Yes mate we're all going Eubank in time….
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14 Jul 2009 09:59
My mate just got a pair of hareem pants, I dont think they look good on guys. People in hyde park laughed at him last time he wore them I heard.
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11 Jan 2014 19:30
Any ladies know if i can get these Acne boots less than retail ? size 39

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11 Jan 2014 20:32
There are birds on here?
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13 Jan 2014 14:07
Anyone know where to buy the Reigning Champ x Takashi Kumagai collection? Looking for a Medium in the black blazer and sweatpants

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27 May 2014 21:06
Not sure where to ask this, but I'm looking for a photo from a Visvim lookbook (I think) where this guy wears 7holes with shorts. Roll Eyes
Have been searching it for a while now, but I can't find it.
Noble Locks
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27 May 2014 21:16
I reckon the massive visvim thread with about a thousand pages would be a better bet than the 'womenswear' section.
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27 May 2014 22:08
Laughing out loud haha
Just used Google search.. didn't see it's the womenswear section… Oops
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11 Apr 2016 10:04
Where can I find these:

Have to be with the silver eyelets, not the brass/gold ones. Thanks fukers. Can't find them anywhere except for Japan but they're twice as expensive there.
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19 Apr 2016 10:13
Hi, has anyone heard of a website called No Beef? It sells designer clothes at heavily discounted prices but it's hard to tell if it is a bona fide website or if the items are knock-offs. Has anyone had any experience with them?
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19 Apr 2016 10:35
There's no contact information so it's unlikely to be legit.

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19 Apr 2016 18:24
Wow, Andy - thank you! I am so impressed with this Scamadviser website. I hadnt heard of it at all.
Thank you so much for your response. Clearly too good to be true etc.
There is some feedback on the site, they are sadly scam artists.
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13 May 2016 16:55
Yep Andy, so useful!! i'm always wondering myself if a website will be reliable or not.. for sure im going to use Scamadviser next time!